Monday, March 17, 2008

TARGET finds #1

First off, happy Monday!. Hi, my name is Rosa...and I am a Target shop-a-holic. I remember the first time I went to one of these stores ( about 13 years ago ), I thought, what's the big deal?. I didn't care too much about it, I wasn't impressed at all. It all started when we moved to our house, about 10 years now. We needed some things for our new place, so there I was back at Target. It was like instant love!!. To make my story short, I shop at Target at least once a week. Do you think I need help?
My husband definetly thinks so!. From now on, I'll post pictures of my finds in case anybody sees something...and wants to go and buy it. So these are my latest acquisitions:
On top, are storage bins. I'll use these to store my scrapbook kits. On the bottom, a shower curtain, and bath rug.
Top picture, some cute pails I found on the Easter aisle. In these, I'll store paper clips, rubber bands, push pins... you get the picture. The bottom picture, a beautiful Scrapbook kit( georgeous
pattern paper included), a binder, address book, and tissue paper.
So if you've seen anything you like, go get it before it's gone!
Hugs, Rosa


love of yellow roses said...

Hi, Rosa, my name is Sonya and I too am a Target shopaholic. I have those same baskets that i keep my fabric stored in. Looked at the same scrapbooks last week. they sure are pretty. Wish that they had just packs of paper too. Wouldn't that be great. Great minds think alike don't they?!

fitty's pink cottage said...

Heyya Rosa.. I wish am at Target with you :(( I love all the stuff you got there.. and I am a Target fan too but that was once upon a time.. too bad we dont have Target here in my country.. :(( yes I know.. I look silly with my whining.. hehehehehe

Anonymous said...

haha Welcome Rosa to the shopaholic group! I love target I might just have to go tomorrow! haha Oh and I just posted a post about your mermaid you sent me! OMG I LOVE IT THANK YOU THANKYOU!!! BIG BIG BIG HUGS!


Scrappy Jessi said...

yeah welcome to blogland!!!
i LOVE target, they always g=have the greatest finds!
ive bookmarked you. i will stop by often