Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Little Bit of This...And A Little Bit of That

Bit #1

I'm going to post a few tidbits along with their respective photos for your enjoyment. On Good Friday, my hubby and I, went to IKEA to buy a sofa bed for my craft room. We need it in case we have any guest sleep over. Since it is in the craft room, it'll be up to them if they want to sleep or craft/scrapbook all night(lol)!.

Anybody wants to come visit?. So here it is:


On Saturday, my In-Laws came over to go out to eat an early Easter dinner. We do this every year in order to avoid waiting too long to be seated to eat. After dinner we returned to our house, the kids received their Easter bags and birthday gifts from them, and we also had an ice cream cake to sing an early Happy Birthday to them. I am blessed with the greatest in-laws you can ever wish for!. I love them!!.We have this cute little sign in the bathroom, and my mother-in law is the only person that takes it seriously( she even gives more than what it says):


Ever since the start of the school year, I've been making banners about different holidays and such for my son Jeremy's Second Grade teacher ( he's the kind of teacher I would've love to have had!). If you want to check the other banners I've made for him, they are in my Flickr. I'm running behind schedule with the banners, on Monday this is the one I sent him:


I e-mailed Jessi, to ask her if she was interested in a tag for her TAG GATE, she's so energetic and fun and it comes through in her blog. So go visit her if you haven't done so already. Yesterday, I received a few tags from her. Thank you Jessi, you are sweet!. I mailed her tags today, I won't show them now, so I don't spoil her surprise!!. These are the ones she sent me:

Thank you for stopping by, and for your lovely comments. I treasure each very much!
For those who don't like to leave comments, don't be shy, and say hello!. I'd like to get to know you too.
I'll be back tomorrow with a post about DETAILS.
Have a Terrific Tuesday,


jillian said...

Love all those pillows on the couch, looks comfy!!! And what a cool idea with the banner, so clever!

fitty's pink cottage said...

look at the couch.. so comfy.. oh the cushions.. so soft and sweet pinky..

oh boy! don't bother to throw me out.. coz I'll be staying in the room for long!..



Anonymous said...

Heyya pal!! how are you? I am sorry I havent come by more I just now caught enough down time to site and leave comments on blogs! I am soo in love with the mermaid..hehe I cant tell you enough how much I love it! I love Ikea even though I have never been I get the mag and I droll over the crazy color living rooms and rooms that I want to try but just never can get the nerve to do it! haha but that couch is awesome! I love the strips on the wall you need to share what your craft room looks like! hmm that would be a neat little way to get your blog noticed too! I am off to email you! I have a idea haha... hugs hun!