Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's All In The Details!

Detail... when I think about it, it's the reason why I do the things I do; it's what makes me buy magazines, hold on to catalogs, read blogs, even buy some movies on DVD. I'm always looking for that "special" little touch.

Recently, I picked up the recent issue of Home & Heart magazine

If you haven't seen it yet, go ahead and check it out. It's loaded with beautiful details to make any party, one that your guests are sure to remember. It has ideas for a Fairy Party, a tea party, an adorable diaper cake and so on.

I also love it when, I open up a package, and the presentation takes my breath away. It could something as simple as a pretty ribbon wrapped around the item. It can also be a handwritten thank you. To me these little details say " I put a great deal of care doing this", or " I value you as a customer". I buy many things online, these are some of the details that I've received with the items:

Andrea sends her items beautifully packaged, and inside she places the heart shaped lollipop, and a handwritten postcard, no matter how many times I've ordered from her.

I also buy from Peacoats and Party Hats, Candice Carpenter's new website. I love this plastic balloon bouquet she sent!

Isn't this cute?

That's me, always weak at the knees when it comes to details!

That's all for now. Tomorrow I'll show you the beautiful swap items I received today for Sarah's
Hanging Up Springtime Swap.
Hugs, Rosa


love of yellow roses said...

I have the same magazine. It has the utest projects to work on. I never pass up the magazine section at any store (grocery, wal-mart, lumber yard, craft store, book store...) I love magazines! Wanted to let you know I put a package in the mail to you this evening. I nkow I said I would send it last week, however time got away from me. Talk to you later.
your friend, Sonya

jillian said...

Oooo, I love extra treats in the mail, how fun! Thanks for the magazine review. I'm on my way to pick that one up asap!!