Monday, August 18, 2008

It's My Birthday !!

Yes siree Bob, all day long today!

I always feel extra special on my birthday. Thank God for gifting me with another year, and I wish for many more to celebrate with my loved ones!

Yesterday, we went to The Cheesecake Factory. I love the food in that restaurant, and the great variety of cheesecakes to choose from!. I had to bring my little slice of heaven home with me, as I was so full, I couldn't eat it there... sorry no pictures.

Our tradition for every member of the family is, that, after eating at the restaurant of their choice, we go back to the house for ice cream cake.

That's right, this is how old I am today. What a beautiful number!. I made my own special crown to celebrate!

Some of us were really in a party mood!!

I wanted a picture with all of us, but Mr. Jason... was sound asleep!
But then, he woke up... and the party got started!!

Oh, everybody seems to be having such a great time!

I received wonderful gifts from family and friends. Actually, $$ from the family ( I want a white Brocade Home mirror, unfortunately they are not taking any orders at this time...sniff, sniff).

On the bright side, I received a beautiful tag from Scrappy Jessi, thank you, I love it!!

And from Sarah, a beautiful paper cupcake. So yummy lookin' !!

And to celebrate even more, if you leave me a happy birthday wish on this post, you'll be entered to win a birthday paper crown similar to mine, handmade by me, in the winner's choice of colors!. I'll announce the winner when I return from vacation on August 31st!!

P.S. You can click on the photos to enlarge them to view the crown's details!

Go ahead, make my day even more special!!!
Hugs to all,

Friday, August 1, 2008

Show Me Your Form!

Tiffany at ShabbyScraps is hosting this fabulous dress form party!. When I read her post about how her husband feels about her forms, I had to participate and give her support!!. {Some} men just "don't get" certain items women need to have in our lives.

I don't own a full size form, yet...but it's calling my name from somewhere. I do have a small collection of mini ones, and here they are. I haven't given them names but I love them all.

This one is about 24'' tall. I love the blue flowery dress with the ruffled ribbon collar and hem:

The next one is 21", she used to have a brown and white painted dress, obviously I had to give her a makeover. I painted her blue and decoupaged roses, and painted the pink polka dots, much better!. This is one of my favorite ones!

I had to have this one when I saw it in the PBTeen catalog a while back. They had a full size version, which I was tempted to buy, but didn't. I wish I had though, I love the roses on it... oh, well!

Whenever I can, I buy unfinished ones. I'm hoping to make beautiful paper dresses for them...when I find the time. This one I kept it as is, only added the pink netted skirt, and a beautiful necklace (bracelet) by Sarah.

This one, many of you may remember her from Target:

This pink beauty was bought at Bombay Kids (out of business):

And last but not least, the next two are 12" tall, both were purchased at TJ Maxx, a few moons ago. The black and white one is sporting a bracelet from GAP Kids.

I have a couple of others that didn't make it to the photo shoot!
The funny thing is, yesterday afternoon as I was setting up my makeshift background for the photos outside, I was having a bit of a hard time propping up my background. My husband was in the pool`and I was telling him that I was shooting my mini dress forms to post on the blog in support of a fellow blogger. He's like," oh brother, is there like a $50 thousand prize for showing these around?". I replied, "No...why don't you get out of the pool, and help me by holding the background up for me?". To my surprise, he did!!. After a few minutes of him stading there, he said: " Are you done yet?, it feels cold out here!". I thanked him for helping me and off he went!!
Well, I hope you all enjoy my collection. Thank you so much for stopping by!
And, Thank You, Tiffany for hosting such a beautiful party!!
Take care and have fun,