Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Hayley and Jeremy

Today my daughter, Hayley, is turning 11; and my son, Jeremy, is turning 8. Yes, they were born on the same day, three years apart. It's hard to believe these two munchkins are growing up too fast.

This is Hayley at two days old:

Here she is at 11 years old:

And here is Mr. Jeremy at two days old:

And 8 years later...

I want to wish them both many happy and healthy birthdays!
I'll be back later to post about the Hanging Up Springtime Swap!


love of yellow roses said...

Wishing your two cute children HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! my husband and our youngest Boby share the same birthday April 8th. Hope your day is as beautiful as it is here. I got in the spring fever with all Birdhouse Blinging going on and went and bought some flowers at the local nursery, need to go finish planting them. Just wanted to stop by and say "Heelo friend".
Have a great Birthday Celebration! Did you find out who your partner is for the "celebrate" banner swap?? I found out who mine is, it is going to be so much fun.

Popsicles & Lollipops said...

Oh what beautiful children. Then and now. I love to take time to make these considerate comparisons. The only drawback is sometimes I get sad seeing how much time has passed by, but I try to remind myself of all the wonderful times that we've already enjoyed and all the ones still to come. I love the hats too. So cute!!

She'sSewPretty said...

Awww! Your kids are cuties! Happy Birthday wishes to them!

fitty's pink cottage said...

awwww.. Happy Birthday to both Hayley & Jeremy.. may both of you have a super birthday with lots and lots and lots of toys!

hehehehehe.. ooopsss.. don't tell mummy ok, kids!.. *wink*wink* :D

oh Hi Rosa!.. :D

jillian said...

How sweet! Happy Birthday to your cutie pie kids!