Friday, March 14, 2008

Signed Up for New Swap

It's being hosted by Tamy over at GaGaforGarlands. We'll be assigned a partner, and using our
partner's two chosen color combos, we'll create a rectangular banner with the word "celebrate"
incorporated somewhere on it. I love banners, so I'm looking forward to getting started!

This is our youngest son, Jason. He keeps mommy on the go all day long, so when he naps, it's like winning the lottery!. We were getting ready to go to the post office, so I said to him, "let me take a couple of pictures of mommy's little helper", I must say he's very cooperative when it comes to letting me take pictures of him. I adore this little guy!

Till next time,

Hugs, Rosa


love of yellow roses said...

what a cutie pie, i miss my boys being little like that. but then i get to revisit that the younger years in my preschool classroom and am thankful those years are past. thank you for the heads up on the fun new swap. looks like fun. i enjoy making garlands. your flowers are so springy from your hubby, what a sweetie!have a great weekend.

fitty's pink cottage said...

awww.. such a handsome helper you have ^^^ up there.. hehehehe.. hope you have a great weekend!..