Sunday, August 31, 2014


Like a lot of people feel and wonder, where did Summer go?. For us it's been a very busy one; did many of the things on our Summer to do list!.On this post, I'm combining pictures from three.

We didn't have too many; but I love bbqs during the Summer!.It's great to be able cook and eat outside.And somehow, I always manage to snap pictures of people with their mouths full!

Picnic(s) in Park(s):
Again, with so much of everything else going on, we only got to have one at The Palisades Park Lookout.

Go to the beach:
We don't go to the beach much, and one of the reasons is that my hubby and daughter burn very easily. We've lived in Jersey so many years, and this is the first time we went to a beach on the Jersey Shore. I didn't even have an idea on which beach to pick!. We decided on the way to go to Sandy Hook. When we first arrived, the water looked a bit scary, it was very wavy, and it looked like it was deep right at the shore. As the hours passed and the tide was lower, we went in the water; it was warm, and had lots of fun with the waves!.

My youngest son had so much fun, that the following day we asked him what he wanted to do, he replied: "Go to Sandy Hook!". 

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

On Our Summer To Do List: Go to a Baseball Game

Baseball, one of America's favorite pastimes!. We were invited by our good friends, the Rathgebers, to see a game at Provident Bank Park in Ramapo, NY.We went to see the Rockland Boulders play against Trois-Rivieres Aigles. These are minor league teams in the Independent Can-Am Association. We had a great time, and we got to enjoy the game and the amenities from a private suite!. There was plenty of food and drinks. We enjoyed the game from the bleachers just outside of the suite!

It's a great stadium with lots of activities for the whole family. They even have a playground for the kids!. Definitely a fun place to see a baseball game!