Monday, August 19, 2013


I love celebrating birthdays, to me, it's a privilege not to be taken for granted. I had this idea of celebrating my birthday with "A Favorite Things" theme. However, one of my neighbors suggested we celebrate my birthday and her husband's birthday together. They're very good neighbors so I obliged. I firmly believe, that it's not about the decor, or anything else for that matter, what's truly important are the people in your life!. And we had a blast!

May God let me celebrate many more!


Thursday, August 8, 2013


Besides watching the hot air balloons, this festival is a fun filled event for the whole family. There are many activities for the kids and adults alike. Lots of different foods. Many big companies give out freebies and new products to try. We love this festival!

You can get behind the wheel of brand new cars, even if you're not old enough to have a driver's license!

One of our favorites was the movie cars display:

Recognize any of these?

There's also the taste testing of big drink companies, when you're really thirsty you have to try them, right?

There are many rides. Our youngest son loves roller coasters, definitely takes after his Mama!

And we even got to make a couple of crafts, it's part of Michael's
Summer Crafts Tour. We had the choice of making a decoupage charm necklace or a felt hot air balloon. I was pleasantly surprised when my husband and older son wanted to craft!. They did a nice job!

I just couldn't pass up the photo-ops!

And before we left the event, I had to get an apple funnel cake, yummy!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.