Monday, March 10, 2008

Stripes Here...Stripes There

Everywhere Stripes... This is one of my favorite wall treatments. The first stripes I painted were in my daughter's former bedroom. I changed it from pink, to white and yellow stripes; she was going to be sharing her room with a baby brother, and I wanted the room to be gender neutral. I painted this room about 7 years ago, and I still love it to this day. It's going to be my crafts/scrapbooking room now. I'll post pictures of it when I finish setting it up.

This is how our living room looks now. It used to be painted yellow, I had a French Country look for a while but I grew tired of it

This is our daughter's present bedroom. Our princess is growing up so she needs a room of her
own. The mermaid on the wall was painted by her, when she was 9 years old ( she's turning 11 on March 27th)

Our only bathroom also gets the stripes treatment!

To sum it up, I paint stripes all over the place: my sister's apartment, my mother's apartment, my brother's house, and at a friend's also.
So I guess you can call me stripes happy!

Untill next time,
Hugs, Rosa


love of yellow roses said...

oh, I love the blue stripes. Reminds me of a beachy cottage. I was pondering doing blue & white stripes in my master bedroom about 3/4 of the way up and them painting the top white and finishing with off the line between the two with molding and a shelf for more rose plates?? sounds like a good spring break project.

fitty's pink cottage said...

oh my gosh.. do you think I can kidnap you for a month and paint my walls? lol

i love your walls.. never thought of having stripe walls before but now, seems that you gave me some inspirations!..

Rosa said...

Thank you for your lovely comments ladies, I truly appreciate them!