Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School Days...School days

School started today for our kiddos, they reluctantly let me take a few pictures. What is it with some kids and having their picture taken? I managed to take a few nice ones to remember the day by.

I also redecorated by painting one of the walls in our dining room, a few days ago, with chalkboard paint. Not 
a  look for everybody, but I love it!

Our kids love it also, and ask me all the time to let allow them to write on it, and I will.

This was only the first coat, I painted two.

Found a perfect quote for back to school and put it on the wall:

I decorated the dining room chandelier with a few school ornaments I bought in Kmart, they were from Martha Stewart's Christmas collection a couple of years ago.

I realize the lightbulbs are different, but they're still good; as they burn out I'll make them match. I'm just embracing imperfection, I guess!!
The chandelier really stands out against the black, this is the view from the kitchen:

It's also a great backdrop for pictures:

A few more pictures:

Envelope I decorated for Jason's teacher

Card I made for Jason's teacher

There you have it, a bit of our day.
Thanks for stopping by, have a great day yourself!