Monday, November 1, 2010

Mischief, and Trick Or Treat

One of the things I love about having kids is that they make holidays like Halloween so much fun!. I don't let them go around the neighborhood on Mischief Night, but I give them toilet paper to throw on our front lawn trees. They love it!

Having a pile up with our neighbors

Light stick show


I managed to do some crafts:

Made this prize ribbon pin for Jason's teacher

Treats for Jason's classmates

Treats for Jeremy's classmates


And of course the best part is getting dressed up for trick or treating fun!

 Some of the decor around the house :

I can't post the rest of the pictures, they are not oriented the right way. Sorry about that!

All and all, we had a wonderful time. Just can't believe it's over.

And now to get ready for Thanksgiving!

Take care and be well. Thank you for visiting,


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Fun

Even though I'm a warm weather person, I love the beauty that nature provides with the changing seasons.
I love to go apple picking with my husband and kids; picking out pumpkins at the patch. The beautiful hues the leaves turn before falling. It's all amazing, and how lucky are we to be able to live and experience these things.

Apple Picking, Warwick, NY

Having fun with friends and family

Pumpkin Carving Party

Toilet Paper Mummies!

Taking a ride to look at the beautiful trees:

I love spending time with my family and enjoying the seasons with them. Of course the holidays, like Halloween, and Thanksgiving, make the Fall even more special and fun.
Wether you get to experience the four seasons or not, I hope you're enjoying your life to the fullest!



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School Days...School days

School started today for our kiddos, they reluctantly let me take a few pictures. What is it with some kids and having their picture taken? I managed to take a few nice ones to remember the day by.

I also redecorated by painting one of the walls in our dining room, a few days ago, with chalkboard paint. Not 
a  look for everybody, but I love it!

Our kids love it also, and ask me all the time to let allow them to write on it, and I will.

This was only the first coat, I painted two.

Found a perfect quote for back to school and put it on the wall:

I decorated the dining room chandelier with a few school ornaments I bought in Kmart, they were from Martha Stewart's Christmas collection a couple of years ago.

I realize the lightbulbs are different, but they're still good; as they burn out I'll make them match. I'm just embracing imperfection, I guess!!
The chandelier really stands out against the black, this is the view from the kitchen:

It's also a great backdrop for pictures:

A few more pictures:

Envelope I decorated for Jason's teacher

Card I made for Jason's teacher

There you have it, a bit of our day.
Thanks for stopping by, have a great day yourself!



Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Vacation 2010- Part 1

This Summer, we decided to take our kids  on a fun yet educational, road trip. We packed our suitcase and headed west to the beautiful and breathtaking, Allegheny Mountains. Our destination spots were: Altoona, Cresson, Gallitzin, and Tyrone, all in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania!. We kept the trip a surprise for our two sons; we wanted to see the surprised look on their faces when we arrived at our destination. Our two boys, like their Dad, LOVE TRAINS!, and this area  is a railfan's dream come true as far as train watching is concerned. And boy were they excited!.
In Altoona, we visited the world famous Horseshoe Curve:

Kittanning Reservoir

Below is a westbound trailer train, led by a NS C40-9W and a Conrail SD-50. You can visit this area from  April to November. If you've never been there, is a beautiful place to visit. You don't have to be a railfan to appreciate the majestic

We visited The Railroaders Memorial Museum

Cute kitchen...totally my style!

We went to Gallitzin:

Watched trains:

In Part 2, I'll post about the remainder of our fabulous trip.
Hope you've enjoyed the pictures so far.

Big Hugs,