Wednesday, April 2, 2008

An American Girl in New York City- Part2

Hello everyone, how are you today?

This is the second entry about our recent visit to the American Girl Place in NYC. I'll continue with our entree selections.

My mom and I had Tuscan Chicken Salad (VERY GOOD, VERY FILLING!):

Katarina (AKA Kathy), had Chicken Tenders:

And Nellie (Hayley's special guest) only had tea:

The girls can sit their doll(s) at the table.

We accompanied our meals with Pink Lemonade ( VERY LEMONY!!):


And for dessert, we had Chocolate Mousse Flowerpot, Festive Heart Cake and Seasonal Sugar Cookie ( YUM, YUM...YUMMY!), delicious and pretty!!. My mom and I had cappuccinos, Kathy had green tea. The waiter put a birthday candle on Kathy's ( she turned 24 on March 25th), and on Hayley's heart cakes, and we sang Happy Birthday to them.

Here we are enjoying our time together:

This is my mom, Luz
Hayley and her doll Nellie( top photo)

And yours truly... this is ME!

Kathy and Hayley

Hayley and I

After our lunch, it was time for some shopping, something that some of us do too much of!

Miss Hayley bought the new Girl of The Year: Mia. She also bought some outfits for her dolls; and Kathy bought Hayley another outfit as her birthday gift- Thank you Kathy

We had a wonderful time ! . One of these days, we'll go back there for Tea.
I'll post part 3 , the final installment in this series as soon as I can.
Take care and big hugs,


jillian said...

Awe, how sweet! I must have tea and cookies now, yum! I signed up for the enchanted swap too! Sounds like fun!

fitty's pink cottage said...

hello Rosa!

Hugs to you and boy I miss being here and I already update my blog just for you :-)

btw I love, love,love your blog about this American Girl Place.. Love every thing in there.. the food so yummylicious.. and glad you guys had so much fun there!

till then, take care rosa &
have super weekend!

Miss Sandy said...


It looks like you had a really great time! Thank you for stopping by Quill Cottage and letting me know about your blog! I corrected my post and linked to you. I'll be back later this weekend for a longer visit. Your blog is lovely and so is your name! I do love my little checkered posy sprinkled bloomers, too cute! Have a great weekend!

María Elena said...

Al parecer, tú y tu familia tuvieron mucha diversión. Me encantó conocerte y también que volvieras a visitarme. (Supongo que hablas inglés y español).