Wednesday, September 3, 2014

On Our Summer To Do List: Mom's Birthday(My Birthday)

At first when I was writing our Summer of 2014 list, the idea of celebrating my 50th birthday, with a Favorite Things theme, came to mind. I starting pinning things to "My Birthday" board on Pinterest(it's a secret board). I was excitedly pinning ideas left and right, but knowing myself as well as I do, I knew it was going to be an event that would require a certain budget. When I plan a party I usually do not stick to a set budget; not that we have a big bank account by any means, quite the opposite. But if I run with an idea, anywhere and everywhere I see something that would be a perfect fit, I tend to pick it up. Knowing this, I decided to abandon the idea of celebrating my birthday and instead use the money to go on vacation with our kids!. Little did I know, that my hubby planned a surprise 50th Birthday Party in my honor!. He invited our friends by word of mouth, there were no balloons, no streamers, no Happy 50th banner; it was very simply but lovingly done. When I walked through our door and our friends popped out and yelled "surprise!', it was perfect, and it was all that was needed. I had a great time and felt so honored and loved by so many people that mean a lot to me!. And so a big thank you to my husband for doing this for me, I'll never forget it!.

What else can a birthday girl ask for?


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