Monday, September 8, 2014

On Our Summer To Do List: Go To Hershey Park; Visit Niagara Falls

I figure I better finish posting about our Summer Bucket List, before Fall arrives!.

Go To Hershey Park (And other areas of interest):
My husband and I visited Hershey park when we were married about two years; we had not visited since. Our two older kids got to go as part of their eighth grade trip, but since they only stay  a few hours, we figure they would enjoy to spend the whole day there!. We stayed in Lancaster, PA. This way we could also tour the Amish Country; one of my favorite places to visit!. We also visited Strasburg, PA, and took the train ride on a steam locomotive; and went to The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

Caricatures of the whole family

My husband and the two boys are on the fourth row towards the back

My son and I are on the first row of  the fourth car towards the back

I rode a couple of roller coasters with my middle son, we had a lot of fun; I'm a cool Mom like that!. The kids loved Hershey Park!

Visit Niagara Falls:
What can I say?, Niagara Falls is one of those places that can have a humbling effect on a person. One can't help but be in awe of Mother Nature. It's one of those places, that no matter how many times you visit or look at it, you're just mesmerized by its majestic beauty. The exciting thing is that you can experience the Falls from many vantage points, and it never disappoints!.It truly is one of the Natural Wonders everyone should visit!. We did The Cave of The Winds; The Maid of The Mist; The Horseshoe Falls.

So beautiful!. Thank you God for such a wonderful gift!


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