Thursday, December 5, 2013


I finally have the kitchen of my dreams!. We've been in our house for approximately 16 years, and have enjoyed living in this house as is. However, one of the spots I've always wanted to remodel was our kitchen. It served us well, but I always felt it could function and look better. I'd always tell my husband about what I would do to the kitchen, and he would always tell me: "Keep dreaming". Well, let me tell you dreams really come true, so here are the before and after pictures, enjoy. I won't go into specifics about our budget, or sources, but if anybody has a question about anything, I'll answer happily.



The kitchen looks bigger because we raised the ceiling, and removed opened the kitchen to the dining room.
When people first see it, they always say it looks beautiful and how spacious it feels.
We certainly are enjoying our new kitchen!


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