Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Sweet Celebration...Times Two

On Saturday, March 27th, we celebrated our daughter's 13th, and our son's 10th birthdays; yes, my two older kids share the same birthday...long story, I won't go into details!. But celebrating their birthdays always poses a challenge for me, due to the fact that they're three years apart, and different genders. Most years we've celebrated their birthdays on the same day, other times, we've celebrated one's birthday first, the other one's the next day...very tiring, but fun!
This year we celebrated the two birthdays on the same day...all I'll say it turned out to be a very interesting experience!
I thought the uber popular CANDY theme fit the bill perfectly, and it did.
I made the invitations in the shape of a giant lollipop:

They turned out so cute, everybody thought the same. I printed the party info on the back, needless to say, there was a great deal of cutting and gluing involved!

I also made party hats for them:

The lollipop is a stamp (once I find where I bought it from, I'll list the source); so perfectly cute!

I decorated with balloons, I made a happy birthday garland with their names, a paper chain,etc.

As you may notice, we had  a candy buffet set up, I created the candy labels using the party colors. It looked very beautiful in real life. Here are a couple of more pictures of the cancy buffet:

Since it's close to Easter, it was easy to find candy in the chosen colors.

I bought the pink photo frame at TJMaxx

I even decorated the chandelier with sleeves and keychain mini gumballs machines, I found them in Party City:

And the cake was beautifully decorated, and so delicious!

The birthday girl:

And the birthday boy:

Overall, it turned out to be a fun party, the kids got to play outside, they sprayed each other with fun string, some of the girls made a craft.

Good food, great friends, loads of fun, lots of candy, many presents... what more can two birthday kids wish for?

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and thanks for stopping by!




Irma's Rose Cottage said...

What lovely decorations! Looks like everyone had lots of fun.
Easter Blessings to you and your family.

Irma :)

SEO Los Angeles said...

Happy happy birthday!
May you have more birthdays to come.
God bless.

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Happy 4th Rosa! Hope you are doing OK.

Irma :)