Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School/ Road Trip Part 1

It seems like it was yesterday my kids had their last day of school, yet here we go again with the start of a brand new school year. Every September, I take a picture by our front door just to see how they have grown from year to year. Let's see how much longer I can get them to pose for this . Hayley is in 6th grade, and Jeremy is in 3rd grade, Oh my, where have my little babies gone?

I wish them a very happy and successful school year!


Road Trip Part 1

We started off our road trip in Strasburg, PA. We visited the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum.

Inside, there are numerous locomotives, and different train cars, that have been beautifully restored by volunteers.

Even if you're not a train fan, this is an incredible experience!

Across from the museum, is the Strasburg Railroad Company. You can take a ride in beautifully restored coaches, and dining cars, pulled by an authentic steam locomotive. The ride takes you through corn fields, and by Amish farms. It's very relaxing riding on this train.

An Amish farm:

I love the Amish Country!

And if you feel that you'd like to sleep in a caboose, you can always stay at the Red Caboose Motel in Strasburg:

These are really awesome in person!. We didn't stay in one of these. Instead, we headed to visit some good friends in Germantown, Maryland.
I'll continue with our trip next time.
Take good care,


Scrappy Jessi said...

hey cutie,
what a fun vacation.
your kids look ready for an awesome school year!

Gypsy Mermaid said...

hey chickadee!! what a cute idea to take the pics in the same place to see how much they have grown! It looks like yall had a really trainific time haha. Hugs!!


Bristol said...

What a fun road trip. Two cute kids off to school~

Miss Sandy said...

How fun! I think it would be to stay in one of the caboose cars!

LisaLaughs said...

Hey you!! My son would have LOVED that train museum!! He is a train fanatic, and screams everytime we see a CSX truck on the road!! lol Looks like you and your fmaily had a great time - and your pictures are super!!